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Fisk crossed his arms over his chest and sighed deeply. His heavy eyebrows furrowed, he pressed his lips together tightly and stared intently at the carpeting beneath his feet. Nobody said anything. In the silence Fisk began slowly pacing the width of the office. The idea of profiling hacked bank accounts clearly appealed to him and he was not going to dismiss the topic until he had come up with an interesting hypothesis to test.

“Hmmm. Without going into details, would it be hard to test for an international connection?” he asked.

Without mentioning Rudy, I told Fisk that recent changes to the program made it easy to flag EFT’s that cross national borders.

“Good,” he said. “Let’s pursue that Mr. Carter.” Turning back toward me he asked, “what about analysis of the times of day that the millwright is most active? Perhaps we can determine what time-zone he is in by noting the time of day when there is highest mill churning.”

“We can do that,” I acknowledged.

“Let’s not forget to take into account that the millwright might be a computer geek that keeps strange hours,” Jonny warned.

I was intrigued now. Fisk was right. By analizing the forged EFT traffic in terms of international routes and time of day, we had a reasonable chance of determining where the millwright lived. We might be able to narrow it down to a particular country and a particular time zone. If we were persistent and whittled away at the problem, eventually BIF might reduce the problem enough that deep-throat would have a chance. It just might work.