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Could it really happen?

When Carl Raymond stumbles upon some unusual messages in the Electronic Funds Transfer network used by all banks, his first thought is that this is an opportunity to learn more about the inner
workings of electronic banking and cryptography. However, it does not take long before Carl becomes embroiled in a massive yet entirely undetected electronic counterfeiting scheme. The entire world banking infrastructure is under attack and Carl alone is in a position to save it… provided he can avoid becoming the scapegoat. He must find a way to solve the puzzle without revealing his own questionable acts to the FBI or to the hackers.

The water wheel cover graphic
The water wheel cover graphic

This chillingly-real high-tech suspense novel is based upon actual flaws in the cryptographic protocol that is presently used for electronic banking. All technical details, from FBI quotes on key escrow, to presentation of the ANSI X9.17 protocol, are accurate.

The author, a Computer Science professional with tens years of experience, does not shy away from technical details of modern cryptology. Yet the story can be appreciated by readers unfamiliar with computer security.

The Electronic Money Mill has been made available here on the Web, beginning March 1998. All rights are reserved. To learn more, click here continue on the next page.

The entire book is available in both HTML and PDF (~2.7 MB).