The Author

This is the author’s first novel. He is a computer science professional with about ten years of experience. He has worked for large companies and small start-up’s. He has worked in R&D and in production coding.

An image of the 100 US Dollar Note's head side.
An image of the 100 US Dollar Note’s head side.

The author has three years of experience in cryptology R&D. In that time, he was able to establish new results in the application of formal logic to the analysis of cryptographic protocols. The author was able to demonstrate that equality circumscription, a form of nonmonotonic logic, can be used to prove security and viability of cryptographic protocols. Other work in cryptology included drafting an encryption standard for a major US corporation.

The author had a brief stint as lead developer of a query engine for a new database architecture. By using data compression and by allowing querying without uncompressing, the new technology has the potential to provide a high-performance large-scale query engine.


An image of the 100 US Dollar Note's back side.
An image of the 100 US Dollar Note’s back side.

Currently, the author is working as a software engineer for a leading software company.

The Electronic Money Mill began as a sketchy idea in the author’s head in 1995. The author began writing in earnest in late 1995. The story quickly took shape and was nearly complete a year later. It took another year to edit and revise (definitely an example of the 80-20 rule). It was finally declared finished in early 1998.

The author can be reached via e-mail through the administrators of this site. Mail to: [email protected]. Any comments concerning The Electronic Money Mill are welcome.