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“Carl, I want you and Lisa to get those programs running as soon as possible. Carter, make sure they have all the hardware they need. Also, talk to Agent Peterson and arrange for a trip to St. Louis.”

The lathargic bohemith had been prodded out of apathy. The government had been awakened. The FBI was in full gear now. This would be one electronic banking crime that would not go unreported. The FBI would have their chance. This crime was too large for banks to ignore, too great for banks to bear the cost without working to prevent repeat episodes.

I was filled with renewed hope. No longer would I have to illegally eavesdrop on conversations to collect information. No longer did I have to fear every pedestrian on the sidewalk and every slow moving car. Everything was in the open now. With our new alliance, the FBI, Lisa, and I would undoubtedly make substantial progress.