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“Jonny is taking the lead on this investigation,” Lisa continued.

“Well, I guess that means I’ll have a chance to get to know him better tomorrow then,” I said. “I have to go back to get my assignment. The conclusion of yesterday’s `meeting’ was that I would assist the FBI in their investigation. I am now a technical consultant to the FBI. They are going to pay me, but at the same time I remain a suspect. If we don’t find the real bad guys then I will take the fall. They actually told me that… said that might give me the `incentive’ I needed to solve this case.”

“When do you go?”


“I’m going with you,” she announced.


“Because you are their prime suspect and need help clearing yourself. You offered your help to me when I was in a similar situation.”

“Yeah, and I was also the one responsible for your situation.”

“As I am for yours now. I implicated you,” she said. “Now when do they expect us?”

“They don’t. They expect me tomorrow at 9:00.”

“OK, I’ll be ready.”

She made it clear that there would be no further negotiation; she was going. I changed the subject.

“So you like Agent Carter?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. Then she paused and then added, “He’s married; has two kids.

“You will like him too, Carl,” she informed me, “after you get a chance to know him better. He seems to know his stuff. Agent Brown, Jonny’s boss, is nice too. A no-nonsense person. She also seems to know her stuff.”

Lisa’s clothes had long since finished drying by the time we finished our conversation, and she got dressed to go home. She did not apologize again before leaving. There was no need to. My anger had long since subsided and there was a new level of understanding between us. She had done what she had to do. We were still very much in this together. Lisa had implicated me under duress and with great reluctance. The end result had been harmless. I not only forgave her; I understood and sympathized with her.